Positive and Negative Management Styles Achieve Results

positive management.Both positive and negatively managed business can be successful. For positively managed businesses the success will last as long as the strategy they’re using is consistent and their staff are motivated to help them achieve the results they desire.

Negatively managed businesses are not quite so lucky. Of course, they will be successful initially until the costs of achieving the results they desire start to outweigh the profits derived from achieving those results.

The costs for negatively managed businesses are easily identified.

  • High turnover of staff.
  • High recruitment and training costs.
  • Low Employee Morale.
  • Low Motivation.

“If you focus only on achieving results, it will cost you dearly in the long run.”

Positively managed businesses do not to take these costs into account as people are not inclined to leave a business where they feel appreciated.

“If the service you provide is dependent on the people you employ, it’s best to have a positively motivated team.”

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