How To Handle Rejection

It's not for you.I’m sure there are a myriad of ways of handling rejection but for the purpose of this post I’m going to follow two ways that make sense. One is to accept,”it wasn’t meant to be,” and the other is, “spend the rest of your life wondering if you should have fought harder to get the outcome you wanted.”

Rejection is nearly always based on one person’s opinion of you, when you take into consideration there are seven plus billion people on this planet, why should the opinion of one person annoy you. The answer to that is simple as well, that person has stopped you from living the life you thought you were meant to live.

They didn’t find you attractive, they didn’t like your personality. Difficult pills to swallow but, “not everybody in this world will see you as perfectly as you see yourself.”

You could spend a lifetime asking that person why they rejected you, but at the end of they day, it’s not going to make you feel any better because their answers are based on their perception of you, and you need to spend a lifetime with a person in order to understand their perceptions of life.

I mentioned at the start that there are two ways of handling reject but, there is only one way.

will not pass you byMoving on, is the only answer that makes sense because, “what’s meant for you will not pass you by.” I’ll leave you with a take on a well-known quote by Winston Churchill which is a great way of approaching life.

“The definition of a success life is the ability to move from rejection to rejection without losing your self-esteem.”

Remember, “rejection is not final or fatal,” keep moving forward.





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You're responsible for your life, past, present and future. Just remember, you can only change one of them.
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2 Responses to How To Handle Rejection

  1. I think I handle rejection pretty well. What I’m not good at handling is a person’s uncertainty about what they want. I usually walk away from those situations, because rejection is the easier route for me.

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  2. Rejection and self-love go hand in hand. You could cry or feel sorry for yourself because this or that person didn’t like you. Or you could just realize that they just don’t have good taste. Or whatever. The statistics being as they are, it doesn’t matter. Unless we get caught in the trap of thinking of a person as being more than a person, which also happens because of a self-love deficit.

    It’s just life. It goes on. It takes quite a lot of “no’s” to get a yes, the same way failure is the stepping stone to success.


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