Not Everybody Can Be Funny

how-id-like-to-look-all-the-timeThe world is full of people who can be funny but I’m not one of them; I’m the serious type, most things I think about are based on reality, when a conversation starts with an if or but, I always think of the quote, “if pigs could fly, we’d be out shooting our breakfast.” And think the conversation is a waste of time.

I do find some things funny but when somebody asks me why? By the time, I explain why it’s funny, neither of us thinks it’s funny anymore. If somebody asks me now, what’s funny. I tell them, you had to be there. They think it’s a place and a time but in reality, the place is inside my head.

Some people find the things I say funny but usually it takes me a couple of hours to figure out why.

The other day in the canteen one of the girls I work with was eating a banana, she said, “it’s kind of hard to eat bananas,” I said, “it’s kind of hard to watch you eating them too.” Everybody around me burst out laughing and I really didn’t understand why. I meant that she was making so many faces chewing the banana, it looked like she was chewing rocks. I did figure out why they laughed and could see the funny side but that was much later.

I am a serious person first and always will be, I don’t try to be funny because it’s not my true nature.


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