Doctors heal physical Injuries, Prayer and Exercise Heals the Soul.

doctors-heal-physical-injuries-prayer-heals-the-soulPhysical injuries are treatable by doctors, some injuries take time to heal while some injuries only require an antibiotic but when the soul is injured, it is like it is surrounded by a constant fog and the only thing that can help the soul to heal is prayer and exercise. Why exercise you ask? Because exercise gives prayer a boost that allows it to work twice as fast as prayer alone.

Some people spend their whole lives enshrined in a fog that never lifts, they don’t get to appreciate the crystal clear sunlit days like everybody else; the most ironic thing is, that fog is created by their minds to protect them from the outside world but not only does it protect them it also stops them for appreciating everything that is good in life too. My prayers go out to the people in the fog.

I hope my prayers are strong enough to help burn through the fog and let them live in the sunshine once more.


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