Positive People Do Not Base Their Opinion on Assumptions

Assumptions often lead you astray.

Assumptions often lead people astray.

“Don’t build roadblocks out of assumptions.” – Lorii Myers. A fitting quote to continue my series of blogs based on what positive people do not do. Today I’m looking at reasons why positive people do not base their opinion on assumptions.

Assumptions are dangerous because they’re generated without any real proof, and people who act based on those assumptions are likely to be wrong as often as they are right.

A good example is; The person who assumed they could drive across the railway tracks before the oncoming speeding train did not live to see their assumption was incorrect.

The most common quote relating to assumptions is;

“Do not judge a book by its cover.”

It’s been around for centuries, and I’m fairly sure every child has heard it from their parents more than once. It’s a great example of how the eyes are easily deceived by what the images they see.

An example of this is; The alcoholic who could be seen drinking his wine at any number of places on the Broadmoor Road was well educated with an IQ of 179, but people didn’t see that when they passed him by, all they could see was a poorly dressed man drinking on his own who apparently didn’t have any friends.

There is one exception to the assumption rule that positive people follow, and that is;

“Everybody you meet is kind and has your best interest at heart.”

What we think, we become.If positive people find a person who proves they are not entitled to be covered by this rule, that is a fact about one person, not a fact about everybody, because the world is a far better place to live on when you think everybody you meet is a wonderful person.

I’ll leave you with the following quotes.

“What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create.” ~Buddha.

“Positive people think positively, feel positive, attract positive people and imagine a world where everybody is like them.”

Have a great weekend!


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