If The Emotions You Use Do Not Benefit Somebody, Use Different Emotions

Positive emotions raise you upWords are mightier than the sword for one simple reason, they can cut deep enough to mortally wound somebody but they don’t leave a physical mark on the body; they are designed to kill the emotional spirit, not the body.

The only way to survive such an onslaught is to acquire a positive mental attitude; any other means of defending yourself is a short-term fix when a long-term solution is required. An example of short-term fix is for a friend to support you, but they can’t be expected to be there for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week; that’s not possible unless your friend is a god.

How do we develop a positive mental attitude?

A positive mental attitude is not bought in a shop or acquired from reading a book about what positive people do; it will help, but it’s not the solution you’re looking for. To create a positive mental attitude, you need to become your own psychologist; you have to listen to your own thoughts and examine them to see if they’re positive or negative.

Positive emotions will benefit you or the people you interact with, and will always make you feel good inside regardless of the situation. Positive emotions are joy, happiness, desire, gratitude, pride, euphoria, empathy and hope, to name just a few. Gratitude is the most beneficial positive emotion because when you are grateful for everything you have; you will attract more of the same.

Negative emotions have the opposite effect, they are normally critical in nature and will put you in an irritable emotional state. For example: When you’re angry with the world, you’re really just angry with yourself for allowing the reason for you being angry to have occurred in the first place. Other negative emotions are fear, jealousy, doubt, despair, sadness, guilt, frustration and depression.

For example, if you are frustrated because you haven’t received the promotion you have been looking for; you need to change your attitude to your job because that frustration will be noticeable in everything you do at work and that is not going to help you get the next promotion when it arises.

Once you have examined your thoughts and determined which are positive and which are negative, you have to alter the negative emotions you possess. Examine them to see if they are real or imagined because our worlds are made up of 10 percent of what happens to us and 90 percent of how we react to those events.

A good example of this is where somebody within a group is trying their best to accomplish a goal without success, nobody within the group has mentioned this failure to them but they believe that everybody else is talking about them behind their back. The only thing the person knows for definite is the effort they are using to accomplish the goal, everything else is imagined.

I’ll leave you with the following analogy:

If life was a game of snakes and ladders; positive emotions would be ladders, and negative emotions would be snakes because;

“Positive emotions raise you up, negative emotions lower you down.”


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