Evaluation Vs Judgement, You Decide

Evaluation vs JudgementIt has taken me quite a long time of analyzing my own attitudes and beliefs to move from a position of judging everything I see to just evaluating everything that influences my life. It was an interesting journey of discovery that encompassed every part of my life to date including but not limited to the examples below.

I looked at the attitudes I inherited from my parents such as money doesn’t grow on trees, and realized that those attitudes are the hardest to change because as a child you don’t have the experience or desire to analyse if what your parents is teaching you is true or not, so they become an integral part of your belief system.

I also looked at the attitudes I developed because of the media I was exposed to; I remember looking at advertisements that told me smoking was cool; Coca Cola is your friendly soft drink and women wear makeup because they’re worth it; I also used to watch television programmes on current affairs and think everything I seen and heard on those shows were an honest evaluation of world events; a viewpoint I have since changed as I believe they have their own agenda for sharing specific news stories in a certain way.

If you take into consideration that we’re bombarded by thousands of similar messages every day of our lives; it’s not surprising that people use judgement rather than evaluation to define their belief system. I know I did for a long time.

What’s the difference between evaluating and judging?

Evaluation is an objective process where each interaction with a person, place or event will create small changes in your attitudes towards those objects. I would put evaluation into the positive category because it leaves you open-minded enough for personal growth.

Judging is forming subjective opinions, you are defining people, places and events into categories from which you will find it very difficult to remove them, even if you’re given evidence that your judgement is incorrect. Judging has a negative impact on people’s lives because it sets a rigid structure where no learning can occur without serious effort on behalf of the person who wants to change their attitude towards life.

it’s easy to see why people judge rather than evaluate, they can just label items, put them in their box and give them no more thought; it makes for an easier life but not necessarily a better one because the world is in a state of constant change, even if you’re not aware of the changes that are occurring. The following quote sums up my point of view:


“If a man looks at the world when he is 50 the same way he looked at it when he was 20 and it hasn’t changed, then be has wasted 30 years of his life,” ~Muhammad Ali


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