Uncontrolled Thoughts Are Not Good for Anybody

Control is yours to take.

“Fear of dogs leads to child being run over by car.” A headline nobody wants to read but it happens because children don’t always have control over their thoughts. In this example the fear of dogs drove the child to run out into oncoming traffic, an act that was detrimental to their safety but they didn’t think, they just acted.

You would think as we grow older we would learn to be more aware of the destructive nature these thoughts have on us; but no, jails and graveyards are full of people who acted on instinct instead of logic; people don’t seem to realise how destructive Rage, jealousy, fear, frustration, depression, guilt, shame, grief and despair can be until it’s too late to do anything about them.

Some of the most common sentiments after an uncontrolled emotional outburst is, “I don’t believe, I can’t believe, I’ll never do it again, or how didn’t I see that coming.” Some people just ignore it and pretend it never happened; a recipe for disaster.

How do we prevent our uncontrolled thoughts from taking over?

The answer is vigilance, not just when we feel like acting irrationally, it’s too late for vigilance at that point; we need to be vigilant of our thoughts all the time. Everybody should have a revolving door at the front of their mind, they should evaluate every strange thought and if it isn’t consistent with their beliefs it should be sent on its way.

Learning to ignore thoughts you’d prefer not to have is not going to work; you need to pay specific attention to those thoughts because they are the seed of the emotional outbursts that happen later. The thoughts that are ignored live deep within people’s subconscious minds just waiting for the right moment to resurface and surprise everybody including the owner of the thoughts.

Remember the following quote:  “Control is not an illusion; we have full control over our thoughts, we just need to control them before they control us.”

About BrendanDunne

If you refuse to accept every opportunity you're given, you can't blame anybody for the life you're living.
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