Everybody Needs Somebody To Look Up To


Everybody Needs Somebody.Guilty until proven innocent is the cry of the cynic, they have lived for so long believing that anything they can’t believe in must be a lie, or they believe the person who achieves any remarkable feat must have cheated in order to accomplish it.

I was watching the Olympics the other day when a world record was smashed by an athlete, when the studio analyst (a former Olympian) discussed the race afterwards, she couldn’t be happy for the athlete, she couldn’t believe an athlete could have been born with that much talent, the only conclusion she came to was, “She must have cheated.” The analyst didn’t have any facts to back up her theory, only disbelief. If she applied the same opinion to everybody who broke a world record; we would have nobody to look up to because we would always be waiting for them to be exposed as a cheat.

Yes, I agree she’s entitled to her opinion, but it’s an opinion that shouldn’t be shared with the young impressionable minds that are watching the Olympics, they’re the kind of thoughts that should be shared with her personal friends when they gather around the fire to point out the failings in the world.

The message that should be shared with young people is;” if you’re born with a talent, and you work on it, you too could achieve brilliance.”

We all need somebody to look up to and emulate because if we didn’t have those people in the world, the world would stagnate and die.


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