Value Your Opinion Enough to Appreciate Other People’s Opinions

opinion be.pngWhere opinions are concerned, there is no right or wrong, everybody is entitled to an opinion, the fact that their opinion disagrees with yours can have four possible outcomes.

You can have a conversation about the subject. This action is dependent upon the emotion of the other person, if it’s a debate situation where both people’s emotions are balanced, this can lead to an eye-opening conversation.

You can remain silent and let them believe you agree with their opinion. This is the easiest course of action especially if you don’t have a strong opinion on the subject.

You can defend your opinion by saying their opinion is wrong. This course of action can lead to what most people describe as an argument.

The best option is to have enough self-belief that you can listen to somebody else’s opinion that differs from yours and be delighted for them because you have overcome your desire to always be right.

“Stay strong, you’re entitled to your opinion, you don’t need anybody else’s validation but be happy for the other people who have found that strength too.”


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