Everything Improves When You Use Little Steps

The tides obey this rule.“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” ~Confucius

It’s highly unlikely you’re going to move a mountain but if you use the same analogy as Confucius you can change your life by making small changes every day.

If it has taken you twenty years to get to where you are today, you can’t expect to see dramatic changes over night, the only thing you can change in that time frame is your attitude but when you change that very important part of you, you will have put in place a foundation on which you can build a great life.

Goals are necessary if you want to make changes in your life, you have to determine where you want be this time next year and then break that goal down to manageable steps.

One example could be your weight, and the first thing you need to realise about your weight is, it’s not important, how you feel about your weight is what is important. Throw away any weighing scales you possess, they are of no value to anybody who wishes to make permanent changes in their life.

Start today by saying you’re delighted to be healthy and fit; the next step is to put in place a regime that will make those words come true. Start by walking for ten minutes every day, and as the days go by and you start to feel stronger and fitter, extend the length of time you walk. Repeat this simple message as you walk, “I’m getting fitter and stronger every day.”

Continue that pattern for a year and see the improvement you will have made. Your clothes will fit you better, you will be able to walk for an hour without getting exhausted, your mind will work better which means you will be able complete tasks easier, your digestive system will be working more efficiently so that when you eat you will benefit from the energy of the foods you eat much quicker.

All that can happen because you changed your attitude towards your weight and made small changes in your exercise regime, and it will have happened easily and effortlessly.

Every Saint has a past and every sinner a future.The same analogy can be used for every area of your life where you want to make changes that last; set a goal, break it down to manageable tasks, complete those tasks.

The best example of that process is learning to walk as a baby, we didn’t arrive with the ability to walk, it’s an ability we had to learn.

We learned how to move first, then we learned how to crawl, then we learned how to stand and walk beside something solid like the couch, then we took our first steps and we learned to fall but we didn’t give up, we eventually achieved our goal of learning how to walk without falling and that’s evident by how many people use their feet to get around today.

Little by little by little adds up to a lot over time. What little changes will you make today?


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