If You Desire Positive Self-esteem Give Compliments Not Insults

Pay compliments, not insults.

Because it’s good for you.

A positive self-esteem is the ultimate goal of everybody for one simple reason, everybody wants to feel good about themselves because when you feel good about yourself, you’re happier, life is better and you will like everybody you interact with, and even if you don’t like some of the people, you will pay them so little attention they might as well not be there at all. It’s a win/win for everybody.

You can’t achieve a positive self-esteem by insulting anybody else because every time you insult somebody else, you’re basically telling that person they are better than you and the only way you can make yourself feel better is by insulting them and that’s never going to have a positive influence of your life.

The easiest way to fall out of the insulting somebody mindset is; every time you think something negative about somebody else, pay yourself a compliment. Pick a memory from your past when you did something you were proud of, focus on how you felt at that moment and allow that feeling to permeate through your whole being.

Two things will have happened during that moment, you will feel better about yourself and the person you were going to insult will feel better too. Two positive outcomes are always better than two negative ones.

“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection” ~Gautama Buddha



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