You Need a Reason to Wake up Feeling Fresh

Wake up and live forever..pngIf you wake up feeling tired every morning, it’s not because you’re not getting enough sleep, it’s because your attitude to life has grown weary. You can change that attitude but the decision to change has to be your decision, nobody else can help you without your assistance.

The difference between waking up tired or fresh is within your ability to change, all you have to do is change your attitude.

A good example of waking up with a good attitude is when you’re going on holiday; the only flight you could get is leaving a 6 o clock in the morning which means you will have to get up at 3 o clock in order to get to the airport on time. You set the alarm and go to bed an hour earlier because five-hours sleep is better than 4 (but not as good as 8 hours). The alarm goes off and you jump out of bed, there’s not a hint of tiredness because you know in a couple of hours you’re going to be sitting on a beach enjoying the sunshine.

A similar example is if you’re getting work done on your home, the workmen arrive every morning at 8.00am so you get up at 6.30am to make sure you’re presentable when they arrive. There is no tiredness because you have a good reason to get up.

When you take away the good reason for waking up feeling fresh, you slip back into the, “I’m tired,” attitude towards mornings even though you know you feel so much better when you have a good reason to wake up.

So how do you change your attitude so that it is an enduring change? The simple answer is gratitude;

Be grateful for the ability to wake up and get up because it’s a privilege denied to many.

When you wake up, the first thoughts going through your mind should be, “I’m so happy to be awake; I can’t wait to look outside and see what’s going on, I wonder what wonderful things will happen today.”

Keep this new regime up for a month, the first couple of days may seem like a challenge but if you persevere, the difference it will make to your life will be amazing; you will no-longer wake up weary thinking the alarm clock is your enemy; at first the only real difference will be your attitude, but then your life will change because when your attitude changes for the better your life changes too.

“When you look after your mind, it looks after you.”

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