Emotions Need to Be Used Wisely

Teach your children how to manage their emotions..pngEverybody has emotions but not everybody deals with their emotions in a positive way because they weren’t taught how to manage them as children.

Love is a positive emotion but it can be a destructive emotion too if that person’s love is not reciprocated.

The following emotions can have a positive or negative effect depending on how the emotion is used.

Emotions such as fear, sadness, trust and fear can be destructive or constructive depending on how we use them.


The following are examples of how those emotions can be used to benefit people in a positive way;

  • Anger at not receiving a promotion can be channelled into beginning a further education programme.
  • Overcoming a fear will have a long-lasting positive effect on your self-respect.
  • Overcoming trust issues will lead to positive long-lasting relationships.
  • Learning that sadness is your way of saying, I loved something so much it now hurts because it has gone away. It’s good to love, and understanding this will mean you will possess a loving outlook on life.

I don’t have to give examples of how your emotions can be used destrively, all you have to do is watch the evening news any day of the week.

“Live long, live well and live a positive life.”



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If you refuse to accept every opportunity you're given, you can't blame anybody for the live your living.
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