Enduring Riches Cannot Be Bought

Real richesOnly people who have money and a few genuinely inciteful people can understand that having money does not mean you are rich because enduring or real riches can’t be bought. Real riches are the enduring qualities we possess that make waking up every morning a wonderful experience.

What are enduring riches?

Real riches is a positive mental attitude towards life including everything and everybody you share your life with.

Having a healthy body that allows you to get up every morning without help from anybody else, without enduring pains or aches is a riches most people ignore until it is taken away from them by some disease.

Living in a house with people you love, and who love you is another form of riches people ignore until they fall out with their house mates and spend their days trying to avoid them.

Having the ability to hope for a better future is another form of riches; people whose daily lives consist of hoping for a meal that day, or people who hope to get a better paying job. People who have given up on life live in a world where there is no hope.

One of the greatest forms of riches is being paid to do what you love to do. Writers love to write, painters love to paint, nurses love to help make people better; if your career has led you to fulfull your calling, you are wealthy.

Having a, “live and let live attitude,” is another form of enduring riches because it means somebody else’s words and actions will never get you down, you understand that everybody is entitled to an opinion and even if you disagree with it, that’s okay.

The greatest of all the enduring riches is the ability to calm your mind because, in this life the greatest battles you will ever fight are fought inside your own head.

Of course having money is a form of enduring riches too because you will always be more comfortable crying in the back of a warm limozine than you will be if you’re crying on the cold ground.

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