Strong relationships are built using selective hearing

selective hearingYou’re relaxing in the sitting room, everybody around you is doing their own thing, making small noises, you’re probably making your own little noises too, that is until something interesting comes on the television or radio, then you go deaf and have exceptional hearing at the same time. You can’t hear the radio or television but you can hear every little noise everybody else is making and it sounds like their screaming at the top of their voices just so you can’t hear what’s being said about the things you’re interested in.

That’s how sophisticated your brain is, it filters everything you hear and only lets your conscious mind know when something you are interested in is being discussed. It can be described in two words, “Selective hearing.”

A typical example of this is when husbands are asked to do menial tasks around the home, they don’t hear a word and have to be told more than once to do the same chore but when the tone of voice changes from one of asking to one of, that’s the last time I’m asking, they hear and obey in order to stay in their other halves good graces. Any man who replies with, can’t you do that yourself, can consider himself in detention until the silence has passed.

There are other examples but they all have similar outcomes and can be summed up using the following quote:

“A man with selective hearing will remain in a relationship far longer than one who replies to everything he hears.”


Have a great weekend.

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If you refuse to accept every opportunity you're given, you can't blame anybody for the live your living.
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