Concentrate On What You Can Deliver

Share and share alike..pngYou’ll never get ahead in life if you’re constantly focussing on the skills you haven’t got, that way only leads to frustration. The only way forward is to spend your time thinking about what you’ve got to offer and how that can be used to help other people in their everyday lives.

Having general knowledge is not valued by people because in today’s world they can access that information in seconds. If you possess specialised knowledge such as carpentry or accounting; that skillset is of value but you will be competing with everybody else who has acquired the same specialised knowledge, that means there’s a finite market to work in.

How then can you acquire a skillset that sets you apart in a crowded jobs market, thus making you indispensable to your employer? The answer to this question is not a secret, it’s simply applying the right personality traits.

  • The first thing you need to acquire is a positive mental attitude towards everybody you interact with. You have to let go of previously held beliefs if they’re not going to help you move forward. The attitude of, “stick it to the man,” will get you nowhere fast in this life, only the social welfare office if you concentrate too much on it.
  • The second step is developing the habit of doing more than is expected of you. From experience I’ve noticed that when people start working for a new employer, they work with an enthusiasm that their previous work colleagues wouldn’t associate with them but as they mature into the role, they’re inclined to get slower instead of faster at their tasks. As you guessed, this is not doing more than is expected. Doing more than expected: As you know when you work at any task for a specific period of time your ability to get things done dramatically improves, if you want to get ahead you have to use the time you’re saving to help other people do their tasks, if you use the time you’re saving to search the internet, you don’t want to get ahead, you just want a new pair of shoes.

“The person who does no more than what is expected of them can expect no rewards.”

  • The third and most important step is developing a pleasing personality: A pleasing personality consists of a warm smile, a light tone of voice, manners, fairness, patience with yourself and your colleagues, an ask don’t tell philosophy, a good sense of humour, appropriate body language and a flexible attitude towards the work you’re being employed to accomplish; there’s no room of cynicism, sarcasm or underhanded behaviour.


When you possess a positive and willing attitude in conjunction with a pleasing personality, you will have a happy boss, and remember, your boss has the key to your success.

Please note: “If you find a boss who doesn’t appreciate your greatest efforts, find a new boss.”


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