Do Not Let Fear Rule Your Future Prosperity


Don’t wonder about unasked questions.

The answer to every unasked question is a thorn in the minds of people who refuse to ask questions out of fear; the fear of being considered stupid and the fear that the answer will be no are just two of the reasons why people are afraid of asking questions.

Where do these fears come from? That’s a question everybody will have to answer for themselves because everybody will have developed their fear through their own life experience.

One possible cause could have been when they first started asking questions as children, they could have been constantly asking their parents for things, the reply their parents gave will have given the child their first experience of receiving answers to questions.

If the answer was, “no”, but the parent explained why the answer was no, the child wouldn’t have developed a fear of asking questions, but if the answer was; “No, don’t ask me any more stupid questions,” the child will have learned an entirely different relationship to asking questions.

As adults we should have enough strength to break the hold those fears have over us, or do we? Are the experiences we had as children still governing our actions today? They probably are, and will continue to do so until we overcome those fears.

How do we overcome fears that have ingrained since childhood? I believe it could be as simple as, what is the worst possible outcome of asking a question?

If it’s a fear of not wanting to feel stupid, the answer is easy, there’s an incredible amount of knowledge in the world, you are not expected to know all of it.

If it’s a fear that the answer will be no, the answer is also easy; the answer might be yes; if the answer is no, you’ll have a clear course of action moving forward because you know where you stand. You won’t spend hours or days wasting your time wondering about; “What if?”

“A solid future is assured for people who overcome their fear of moving forward. Ask your questions today.”

The following is are simple rules that apply to everybody;

  • If you don’t control your fears; your fears will control you.
  • The answer to every unasked question is neither yes nor no.
  • You will be respected more for asking a question than acting out of ignorance.


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If you refuse to accept every opportunity you're given, you can't blame anybody for the live your living.
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