Riches Should Not Be Tied to Material Objects

Money not riches

Everybody can own one of these.

What you possess will not make you rich, because they are only material possessions, they can be taken from you as easily as you got them; just look at what happened to the world’s stock markets over the last two weeks, hundreds of millions of dollars were wiped off the value of shares because investors were afraid of what is going to happen because the citizens of the UK voted to leave the EU. You have to note, there was no actual change in trading conditions and the change that will happen will not occur for at least two years, the only real change is in the attitudes of the majority of people in the UK.


That’s not to say that money isn’t necessary, I’ve yet to go into a shop without money and leave with something of value, that’s not how our world works; I don’t believe in taking what I want as my fear of being incarcerated is greater than my need for things.

The question is what does make you feel rich?

I believe it’s the relationship you have with yourself and the people in your life.

When you are comfortable in your own company without the need for external stimulus, you have found a pleasant person to be around, that pleasantness attracts everything else into your life.

Listening to your children laughing and having fun is another priceless gift, there’s nothing better a parent wants for their children than for them to be happy.

when you can sit in a room and be comfortable in each other’s company without the need for words is a richness most people don’t appreciate.

Having conversations with other people where everybody leaves the room wiser than when they first entered is a richness everybody should experience.

Having a good friend on which you can depend on is a gift that is priceless. There are a number of people who only appreciate this form of riches when things go wrong for them, they find out very quickly who liked them for what they had rather than who they were.

The old adage of, “your health is your wealth,” is very true, because I don’t know anybody who suffers from constant pain who wouldn’t exchange that pain for every penny they have.

Being happy is probably the greatest riches anybody can possess, it is the foundation on which every successful life is built, some people chase happiness because they think it can be found in money or things which can be bought with money, but happiness is found inside of you and cannot be found anywhere else.

I think the following quote is a great description of what constitutes being rich.

“That man is richest whose pleasures are cheapest.” -Henry David Thoreau



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