Do Not Chase What You Do Not Want

Dog chasingA dog will chase a bicycle forever, but should the owner get off the bicycle, the dog loses interest because it truly has no idea how to use it, the dog only chased the bicycle because of its basic predatory instincts.

The same analogy can be applied to people, we analyse the world using our eyes instead of our common sense. How many times have to looked at something and said, “I’d love that,” and then spent days, even weeks dreaming about getting it, and then the day finally arives and you get the object of your desire, initally you’re delighted, and can’t take your eyes off it, but within a couple of weeks, the novely has worn off and you begin to wonder what all the fuss was about. The object of your desire has now found a home where it will sit until you find it again amongst all the other things you possess.

Why do we spend our resources on things we don’t really need? There are well paid psychologists pointing out specific reasons for specific people because everybody will have their own reason, but generally things are bought to fill in a gap that exists between who we are and how we want to be seen by somebody else. The person who is happy with who they are will buy to satisfy their own needs, while the person who is unhappy with who they are will buy things to impress other people.

Some of the other reasons for chasing things we don’t need are,

  • We think they will make us happy.
  • We think those things will make us more secure in the future.
  • We are jealous of what our neighbours possess.
  • We want the latest gadgets on the market just to able to say, “We have them.”

I’m sure there are emotional issues but as mentioned above, the psychologist is being paid to tease that information out of his clients and in the process allowing them to help themselves. I’ll leave you with the following thought,

“The day you understand who you are is the day your desire for chasing the things you do not want will end.” Dog’s will never be able to do this so they will be chasing bicycles, cars, pretty girls, athletes and their tails forever.



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