Our Experience is Based on Our Mistakes

Moving on to have fun.“The person who’s never made a mistake has learned nothing new.” -Albert Einstein. If you’ve always followed the safe path, the one your parents showed you when you were young, the path your teachers and lectures showed you as a teenager. The one your employers showed you as an adult; you have indeed learned nothing new, you’ve just did what everybody else has done before you.

It’s a rare person who has lived such a solid existence, most of us have made some blunders in our lifetime, some we learned a great deal from, and some we would like to forget because we learned what we had never hoped to learn.

Scarred but not brokenWho hasn’t had their heart broken, it’s only when you grow up and look back you understand it really wouldn’t have worked out with them.

Time has a great way of showing us the truth. Our hearts were merely scarred not broken, that’s if you allowed yourself to move on and didn’t stop trying because of that one failure.

There are similar examples in every area of our lives, our careers, health, family, finances. We make mistakes in every one of them, and so we should, because that’s how we experience life. Nobody is born with the right answers to every dilemma, but we are born with enough resilience to get over any mistakes we make on our journey through life.


“We’re not here to live a perfect life; we’re here to experience everything life has to offer.”


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