Giving Advice Will Not Always Make You Popular

who does she think she is.“Who does she think she is?” is a popular phrase that is said behind the back and sometimes to the face of people who give unasked for advice. Sometimes it’s used when the advice is asked for as well because the advice the person wanted to hear wasn’t the advice that was given. Needless to say, giving advice is a perilous occupation especially if you’re not a professional who is trained to allow people find the answers to their own problems.

People who offer unasked for advice are generally suffering from a low self-esteem in some area of their life and in order to feel better about themselves, they offer what they think somebody else wants to hear. What they don’t realise is, that advice is an insult, they are really telling somebody else they are better than they are, or they are not bright enough to come up with the answer by themselves. They may think they are doing that person a favour, but nothing could be further from the truth.

People who offer asked for advice are dancing with danger if they offer an answer, a lot of people have lost friends by answering questions with answers the person was not expecting to hear. There’s a reason physiatrists are paid a great deal of money for their services, they have been trained in the skills to allow their clients to identify the cause of their behaviour, by asking the right questions they can tease out the real reason behind somebody’s destructive behaviour.

The best advice you can give anybody is none, but you can point them to where they can read up on information on how to solve their problems. In today’s world, we have access to huge amounts of knowledge via the internet. You will find hundreds of ways different people handled different problems, and one of them will give your friend the advice they need without endangering your friendship.


“No advice is the best advice you can give somebody you care about.”


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