Perfection Can Be Achieved by Everybody

Perfection is perceptionEverybody is perfect just the way they are, if you can’t see the perfect you looking back at you in the mirror every morning, it’s because you have acquired imperfect thoughts about yourself during your lifetime. The thing is, you are not responsible for most of them.

Those imperfect thoughts have created a body around you that is no longer pleasing to you, when you have imperfect thoughts about yourself, you may think everybody else has similar thoughts about you, but you are only projecting the negative thoughts you possess about yourself on to other people. The following quote may alleviate that particular worry. (“You’ll worry less about what people think about you when you realize how seldom they do.” – David F. Wallace)

How can we achieve perfection?

Achieving perfection takes time, and a change of attitude towards yourself. When you change how you think about yourself, you will create thoughts that are pleasing to you, when you are happy about being you, you will change your habits so that your appearance matches your thoughts.

How do we change our attitude?

In order to change your attitude, you must first understand where and when you first started acquiring imperfect thoughts about yourself. I think we can all agree that you were born perfect, you had no imperfect thoughts, actually you had no imperfections at all. Your mother would have looked all your fingers and toes, mouth, nose, eyes, arms and legs and every other part of you and declared you were perfect. You felt the love your mother had for you, and when this loving person fed you, cleaned you, and dressed you; you loved her back.

From that moment on is when you started acquiring imperfect thoughts about yourself, “how could that be possible,” You ask. If you were a first child, your mother would have loved you but she may have been nervous when holding you or washing you, and this nervousness would have been passed onto you; if you were a third child, you would have been thrown around with such confidence that you would have gained in confidence while experiencing the same events.

You get the idea, everything you have ever done creates the attitude you have about yourself, the third child will learn to walk quicker than the first child because of the confidence instilled in them by the confidence they were shown by their mother.

When you go to school is another milestone, everybody has the ability to learn but everybody learns at their pace, if you were one the children who learned quickly and was top of your class in school, you would have a positive attitude towards learning and about yourself; the opposite is true of the child who takes a little longer to learn, they would have a negative attitude towards learning and have created some imperfect thoughts about themselves.

The next major milestone is puberty; The changes both physical and mentally play an important role in your thought process; and then there’s the opposite sex to deal with. How you got through your early years will have given you the confidence, or lack of confidence to deal with this time of your life. Everybody’s memories of puberty are different because everybody will have had a different upbringing. “The more confident the child, the more confident the teenager.”

Adulthood is the next step in your journey; the same rules apply, the easier your experiences of puberty, the easier it will be to make the transition into a confident adult.

When you take the time to look back at your life, you will have done the same thing as everybody else, you learned to build and control the most sophisticated machine ever built (the human body), and learn some control over the most sophisticated software system in the world (the human mind), the only difference will have been how you thought about what you did. If you are not happy with who you’ve become, the only thing you need to change is your attitude.

Changing your attitude.

Changing your attitude requires the understanding that, as a child you were not responsible for most of the thoughts you had about yourself. They developed as you developed and you had little control over them; this is no longer true of you as an adult. You have control over your thoughts, you can decide what you want to think about and then set in motion changes that will bring about the person you want to see in the mirror.

The first step:

When you wake up every morning your first thought should be, (1) I am perfect just the way I am. This thought should be repeated at regular intervals throughout the day. Following that thought should be, (2) “I live in a perfect home with perfect people in a perfectly harmonious relationship.” Which is followed by, (3) “I have a perfect job, working for the perfect company, working with perfect people, doing the things I love to do perfectly for a perfect salary.” The purpose of those perfect thoughts is to impress upon your subconscious the perfect life you want to live, the more you believe in those thoughts the quicker your attitude will change, and when your attitude changes everything around you will appear brighter. You have to imagine the changes you want to create before those changes turn up for real, because everything that has ever been was created by a thought.

The second step:

Do not tell other people of your plans, allow them to comment on your changes as they happen. Some people with all the goodness in the world have a habit of passing on their negative thoughts onto everybody they interact with. Ignore other people who give out about things they can’t control. Did I mention the only thing people can control is their own thoughts?

The third step:

Stop looking for things that can possibly go wrong because when all you can see is success; success is what you will achieve providing it is a practical goal.

Changing your attitude will not be done overnight, it takes time, but the decision to change your attitude can be made in an instant. The decision to change your attitude will make you more aware of the thoughts you have, be objective about these thoughts, if they’re not pleasing thoughts, allow them to pass through your mind without focusing your emotions on them. An easy way of allowing those thoughts to pass is to repeat the 3 parts of first step in changing your attitude.

If you’re happy with your life, I’m delighted for you, and if you’re in the process of changing your life, I ‘m delighted for you too. If you’re only starting out on your journey of change, I wish you well. I’ll leave you with this very important message,

When all you think about is perfection, all that will be shown to you is perfection. Just remember, everybody’s idea of perfection is different.

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