You Will Succeed with A Positive Mental Attitude

Talent doesn't work..pngA person with a positive mental attitude is a person who can see something positive in a situation where nothing positive seems to exist. Failure and negativity doesn’t exist for them because they are realists, they know that bad things happen, and they accept that. They also know that people will learn from those events and eventually make their lives better because of it. I ‘ve chosen athletes to use as an example, but the same principles apply to everything you want to achieve in life. Desire, plan, action.

Athletes need to have this attitude, the ones at the top need it more than anybody else because they try to reach the limits of what their body is capable of without breaking it. The athletes with the strongest positive mental attitude will stay at the top for the longest period of time. Why? You ask; because they are driven by desire, the desire to see themselves at the top of their selected sport. Once they know the goal they want to accomplish, they make plans on how to make their goal a reality, they put in place the behaviour required to achieve it. The training schedule, diet, trainers, sports psychologists, they choose the right schools and colleges that can make their dreams a reality.

What they’re really doing is feeding their subconscious minds with a complete plan where the only possible outcome is success.

“The people who succeed in life are not the people with the most talent but the people who do the most with the talent they’ve been given.”


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  1. Sanjay M Bhaskar says:

    Very true… ☺


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