Do You Know How Much Power You Possess

PowerIf you’re lucky enough in life, you will find somebody who will completely change your life, you will tell them everything that you’ve kept hidden, and in so doing they will set you free to be the person you were always meant to be. You will share with them your dreams and goals for your future, and you will also share your disappointments to which they will answer, I forgive you. And who is this wonderful person who will give you these wonderful gifts. It is you of course because your belief in yourself is the only thing that will give you the power to be everything you can be.

Some people find themselves at a young age, some not so young, some people are not aware that there is another part of them that’s worth finding, (they merely exist), and there are others who continue to look for themselves throughout their whole lives. Once you find your true self, nobody can take that person away from you.

Why is it we need to find ourselves? A good question, we are born as our true self, but that person has to travel through childhood where the fears of everybody around them is soaked up, every mother I know has fears for their children’s health and well-being: (e.g.) Wear a coat or you’ll catch a cold, be careful or you’ll fall down, don’t play with them, they’ll hurt you, etc, etc, etc, the list is endless, and it covers a great deal more than the child’s health. Money doesn’t grow on trees, money’s scarce, money is the root of all evil, etc, etc, etc. Mothers also pass on their superstitions including, magpies, Friday the 13th, Black cats, rabbit’s foot, etc, etc, etc.

What this teaches us is, if we’re not careful we’ll get sick, there’s not enough money for everybody, and animals and days of the week affect our luck. This of course is a load of *****. None of that is true. These are not positive ways to live, and definitely not something you should pass on to your own children.

How do we find ourselves? This requires a great deal of strength, we need to look at ourselves with an open mind that is prepared to accept, we are not perfect, our parents are not perfect, the people we meet are not perfect, once you accept that nobody is perfect, you are in a great place to accept those imperfections and start looking at everything that is perfect about ourselves, our parents and the people we meet as we travel through life’s journey. This is an undertaking that nobody can do for you, so if you’re not prepared to put in the time to see the warts and all, don’t start because only when you can accept people’s imperfections, can you begin to appreciate their perfections.

Upon finding yourself you will have found confidence, the confidence of knowing your achievements, and yes, learning to walk is a great achievement. When you know your weaknesses, nobody can use them against you. When you know, and accept the people around you, you will never be disappointed by their behaviour. When you look for the good in people you meet, all you will see is goodness. In fact, your whole attitude to life will change for the better, and all because you found the real you.

Remember: “The changes you wish to see in the world begin by changing how you view the world around you.”


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