Turn Perceived Weaknesses into Strengths

weaknesses to strengths

“The difference between a strength and a weakness is how you think about them,” allow me to explain; I see what I think I see, and I hear what I expect to hear, are two sentences that can destroy your life, especially if you have insecurities you haven’t dealt with.

When you see two people talking together in hushed tones, all it takes is for one of them to glance in your general direction for your thoughts to go into overdrive, if you have anxieties, you will believe they are talking about you in a negative way, if you believe you are god’s gift to mankind, you will think they fancy you, regardless of what they’re actually talking about because we see what we think, not what we actually see.

What we think we hear will also send our thoughts into overdrive, for example, if you think your right one is a little bit bigger than your left one, the mention of the word size will immediately heighten your awareness, you’ll be there wondering if they’re talking about you, of course the difference between your eyebrows is not noticeable to anybody but you, and if anybody can tell the difference, the simple answer is, you should be looking for my strengths, not my weaknesses, you *****. Of course, they weren’t talking about you, you just overheard a word that nudged one of your perceived weaknesses.

People can also hear insults where no insult was intended; for example, if somebody points out a strength in somebody else that you consider to be one of your weaknesses, they are complimenting that person, not trying to make you look small. That only happens inside your head, if you wish to accept the unintended insult, it is you who is insulting yourself.

“Perceived insults are every bit as painful to a person as actual insults, and in some cases they can be worse because they can’t defend themselves against them.”

The way to avoid hearing unintended insults is to have a good look at yourself, warts and all. Be honest about your strengths and weaknesses.

  • If you have a weakness and you can’t do anything about it, accept it and move on.
  • If you have a weakness, and you can do something about it but choose not to, accept it and move on.
  • If you have a weakness, and you’re in the process of changing it, accept that change takes time and move on.
  • If you had a weakness, and you’ve changed it to a strength, congratulations, your work is done.

If every case, you have dealt with a weakness or perceived weakness in such a way that it is no longer a weakness. They are now strengths, and strengths are positive, when you’re positive about who you are, nobody will be able to insult you, including you.


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