Shared knowledge is Not Always Appreciated

Slap with knowledgeShared knowledge is not always appreciated; this is one lesson I have a great deal of trouble learning. When I hear somebody having trouble carrying out what I consider to be a simple task, I like to help them by sharing my knowledge. The trouble is, I don’t wait for them to ask for my help, I jump in and share everything I know about the topic. I think I’m helping them but what I didn’t realise is, I’m pointing out their lack of knowledge (an insult to people with insecurities). This isn’t always the case of course, some people love to learn from other people’s experience, (that’s me by the way,) I think it’s far easier to learn from somebody else’s experience than to spend hours, days or maybe weeks trying to figure it out for myself.

What I’m trying to learn: Knowledge is useful but sometimes it’s wiser to keep it until it is asked for.


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