Do You Want a Different Future

He's not wrong.

He’s not wrong. 

Things don’t happen for a reason, things just happen, and then we try to make sense out of what happened. This sentence is normally associated with something happening that, on the face of it, is negative because, if you had just won the lottery, the only thing you’d be thinking is, yeahhhhhhhhhh I’m rich, but if you lose your job, or a relationship ends, or your health suffers or any other negative event happens to you; that’s when you start to wonder, why is it happening to me? The answer to every question like that is, “It’s your fault.”

Now, that’s an answer very few of us are prepared to accept, so we continue to look for alternative answers. The most popular answer is; things happen for a reason, I’m meant to learn something from it and then move on to a bigger and better future; but what are we supposed to learn and where will we find it; if you persist with the reasoning that, it’s not your fault, you will blame everybody else who is involved, and you will always look outside yourself for the answer. But that’s the same as the man who has been divorced nine times by nine different women, and he still thinks he’s perfect.

When you look inside yourself for the answers, the reason for the event becomes clear, you did want a better future, but you could have gone about getting a better future it in a different way.

The following quote applies to nearly every situation; “if you want to change your future, you have to change your attitude first.” ~ I’m sure it was written by somebody famous, but it didn’t show up on Google in that particular format.

The change of attitude that’s required to create a different future is different for everybody because as you know, everybody is unique; they have lived different lives, and had different experiences.

One example of a change of attitude is; there was a guy who considered himself to be clever, he thought managers were hired for his amusement, he didn’t realise they held his future in their hands so he continued to make fun of them because they weren’t as clever as he was. It was too late for him when he realised the foolishness of his actions at that particular place of employment. His change of attitude towards managers did help in his next role. He understood the only way to get promoted was to ensure his manager was promoted first.

Our thoughts and actions determine our future, if you’re not happy with your present situation, you will not be happy with your future unless you change. I will leave you with the following quote.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always receive the same results.”


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