An Interesting Interview Question

RecruitmentI’ve been to a few interviews over the years looking for a role to finance my preferred lifestyle, and during those interviews I have been asked a few questions which left me baffled as to what answer they were actually looking for, a good example is the following question;

Q. What did your previous work colleagues think of you?

When I was asked that question, the first thought that went through my mind was, did I make a mistake about the position I was applying for, it wasn’t a sales position, it was in fact a position where psychic powers were required, because I know for a fact I can’t read minds, so it was going to be impossible for me to answer the question as it was asked.

Then I starting thinking about what they were really looking for; did they want me to say, they thought I was brilliant at everything I did, and could do no wrong; or that they didn’t think about me that much because they were busy carrying out their own tasks. At the time I didn’t know what information they were looking for.

over time I have given it some thought, and now I think the question they could have asked was;

Q. What was the atmosphere like in the office where you last worked?


Q. Do you interact well with other people?

Both questions are simple, direct, easily answered and relevant to the position being filled.

I did learn a valuable lesson that day, don’t concentrate so much on the question being asked that you forget to provide the information they’re looking for.

I also learned; When you have interesting people asking interesting questions; they are going to hire interesting people.


  • I’d love to hear about the most interesting questions you’ve been asked, please put them in the comment section below.

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1 Response to An Interesting Interview Question

  1. The Most “Interesting” Question … When I Was Working As A “C.N.A.” Was Called In The Office By The “D.O.N.” , She Asked Me If I (Am) A “Inspector” For The State Only Disguise As A “C.N.A.? I Took It As A Compliment Actually … However I Told Her The Truth , Replied That “No I”m Not” … She Just Stare At Me As Though She Didn’t Believe Me , I Tried Reassuring Her That I Was Working Like How I Was Trained … She Replied That I Was A “Strong Worker”… Within A “Month” After That Short Meeting … She Put The Word Out On Me That She Really Didn’t Believe Me To My “Co-Workers” , They Formed A “Band” Around Me , Within A Month I Was Looking For A “New Job”. ( When The Workers Get Together , “Black Ball” A Worker It’s Miserable To Work Under That Kind Of Environment.)


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