Do Not Deny The Real You

Use your weaknesses to defend your ego.

The real you is special, it understands you like nobody else can, but if you spend your time denying who you are, you are giving people the ammunition to destroy you. They will use any potential weakness as a way to get inside your head and wreck it. This is not the way you want to live your life.

We know lots of people who like to judge others as a self defence mechanism, and it works because when somebody calls you a name that is true but you see it as an insult, the first reaction is to deny it. An example of this is, recent somebody said I was very cynical, my answer was, yes I’m incredibly cynical; the expression on their face was priceless because they expected the judgement to be denied, and when it wasn’t, they were lost for words.

The truth is, nobody can judge you; most people are too complex to be judged by anybody including themselves, they are in a constant state of change, as they learn more about the world and their own part in it, they change; it may only be a small change every day but over the years when they look back they realise that everything has changed.

Everybody’s behaviour is made up of a mixture of fear, anger, sadness, trust, anticipation, surprise, judgement, and happiness. Everybody is different because each of us will have different experiences with each emotion and it is those experiences that shape our unique characters.

The real you is special, so don’t deny who you are.


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