Every Relationship Needs Balance

The Sun and the Earth have a great relationship, each gives the other just enough room so that they prosper, of course the Sun is not as concerned about the distance between the Earth and itself as the Earth is. If the Earth was to move in closer to the Sun, it would become as barren as Venus, but if the Earth was to move too far away from the Sun, it would become a cold barren planet like Mars because life on Earth requires the Sun’s heat to thrive. This relationship is held together by gravity, the Sun’s gravity is strong enough to keep Earth attracted to it but not so strong that it destroys the Earth.

In human relationships the Sun and Earth are interchangeable as the relationship develops. Sometimes the male is the Sun and the Earth is the female, and sometimes it’s the other way round, the female is the Sun and the Earth is the male, but regardless of who play which role, there has to be a balance between the two, each has to be attracted to the other with enough balance so that they both prosper. The gravity that keeps human relationships working is called love, and it’s not the love that exists in the early stages of any relationship, that’s the equivalent of moving the earth too close to the Sun, it’s the love that exists when you care more about how well your partner is feeling than you care about yourself. 

Love is like gravity..png

Keep the balance in your relationship, always give your partner enough room to grow, but not enough room that they think you don’t care, and show you the cold shoulder.

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