One Hundred and One Meanings

Age and experience will determine your understanding of the lines listed below.

Every line will have a different meaning depending on the age and experience of the reader. I’m only going to give one example, if a 5 year old read the line, “help other people when you can.” They would start to help mammy do the chores around the house. If a teenager read the same line, they would help mammy by staying out of her way until the house is clean enough to dirty again.

It makes sense

Everybody you meet is different because their understanding of life is unique.



* My favourite is line one because it reminds me so much of politics, the political parties don’t know what’s going to happen to the world’s economies so they spend their time criticising what every other politician comes up with rather than put forward realistic plans for the future.

* Line two is all about living in the now, because it is the only time that really exists. You can’t go back to yesterday and change anything, and tomorrow never comes.

* This is all about you: Your diet, exercise, education, learning, how sociable you are; the more balanced your life is, the better your life will be.

* Critiquing other people’s work is a waste of your valuable energy unless you are getting paid to do it.

* It’s better to offer facts than opinions.

* Help other people when you get the opportunity, it doesn’t have to be monetary help, it can be something as simple as holding a door open for the next person.

* Preparation is the key to doing everything well. I can’t bake but I can follow a recipe. The same theory applies to everything you do.

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If you refuse to accept every opportunity you're given, you can't blame anybody for the life you're living.
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