It Takes Courage to Walk Alone

It requires guts to stand up for your beliefs.

It doesn’t take courage to walk with the crowd or to tell everybody what they want to hear; you will witness this with most politicians who are members of a big parliamentary party, they do what they are told by the party leaders so that they will be re-elected at the next general election. It takes a lot of courage to stand out from the crowd and be an independent voice because they are normally telling truths that very few people want to acknowledge, they gain respect and enemies in equal numbers which means their political careers can be very short.

One political candidate that comes to mind is Donald Trump; I don’t agree or disagree with his statements as I will not be voting in the American election in November but the man shoots from the hip, what he thinks is out there for everybody to hear or read about. He has attracted as many friends as enemies on his campaign trail. It will make for an interesting couple of years for America if he is elected to the position of President.

“You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” ~Winston S. Churchill



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