Tell Them Before They Yell At You

When I hear stories about customers ringing up to complain about their orders being left

You can't be serious.

Some Customer Service Stories

short, late deliveries or orders not received at all, I wonder, I wonder what kind of people are running the businesses that allow these events to occur. They know the customer is going to notice each of the fore mentioned events but they choose to let their customer find out the hard way (when the delivery is made or not) instead of making a five minute phone call to explain the delay or shortage. This will allow the customer to make alternatives should it be necessary, or they will be able to inform their customer that their order will be later than previously advised.

Good communication is at the heart of good customer service, it will only cost the price of a phone call, but it may save you listening to a very disgruntled customer telling you in words you would prefer not to hear how they will never use your services again.

The price of a phone call is cheap by comparison to the amount of money required to find a new customer to replace the one you’ve lost.




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