Knowledge Can Eradicate Irrational Fear Every Time

Knowledge can Eradicate Fear

Knowledge can Eradicate Fear

Fear is an emotional response to the world around us, there are real fears such as a speeding car or an armed Gunman coming directly towards you, but there are also fears I like to call irrational fears such as the fear you feel when watching a horror movie at the Cinema or at home, at home is probably worse because you could be by yourself and the smallest noise could send your imagination into over-drive.

Real fears are not affected by knowledge, if anything knowledge will make a real fear worse rather than better, but irrational fears can be eradicated by knowledge. Let’s look at one of the most common irrational fears most children have, and that is the fear of the dark. They are in their bedrooms and should anybody turn out the light, pandemonium will erupt because of what they imagine rather than what is actually in their room. When the light is turned back on, the fear goes with it. As the children get older they overcome that particular fear because they know there is no difference between whether the light is on or off.

Fear of Spiders is another favourite, in certain parts of the world that is a very real fear because the spiders are poisonous and can kill, but in a lot of places spiders are those small creatures who build webs in order to catch little insects for dinner. My own daughters have this fear, they see a spider that is no bigger than the nail of my little finger and they let out screams that lead me to believe they are about to be savaged by a Wolf. My reply is normally to tell them that the spider is going to go after them and catch the back of their heel with one of  his little legs and then he is going to throw them over his shoulder onto the ground again and again. They then tell me that the spider is too small to hurt them like that, to which my reply is, “really.”

I am jealous of the people who suffer from fear after watching a horror movie, because they have wonderful imaginations, they can watch a screen with their family and friends and be totally engulfed by a story that is being told by Actors, Stunt People, Special effects, Sound Technicians and all the myriad of people required to make a movie; from my point of view, a movie is not real so therefore how can I possibly be afraid of what doesn’t exist. Of course if everybody had that point of view the film industry wouldn’t last too long.

Fear of Ghosts is another favourite, nobody can prove they exist, and there have been many film documentaries on the subject, but that does not stop a lot of people from being afraid to them.

Fear of mice is another popular fear, you know the creatures who are about 3 centimeters tall that scare women and maybe some men everywhere they go. I heard a story once where a woman seen a mouse in her kitchen, screamed and ran out of the house, and then called her Father to come and deal with it, when the father arrived he went into the kitchen and found the mouse dead on the floor, the woman’s scream had been so loud the mouse had died from a heart attack.


Irrational fears are the fears your imagination conjures up but when you break them down, you should be able to see that there is nothing to be afraid of at all, it doesn’t always work like that because the mind is incredibly powerful and we do not always control how and what we think about.


*Real fears can be avoided, irrational fears cannot because we carry them around with us.




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