How to Use Your Facebook Advertising Budget Efficiently and Effectively

The Facebook algorithm is being changed on a regular basis, and the result of these changes is showing up on the insights page for all business owners to see. The posts they are spending their valuable time on are being seen by fewer and fewer people who have liked their Facebook business page. This means that all the time and effort these business have put in to building up the number of likes on their pages has essentially been wasted if they do not find a way of ensuring their posts are being seen.

The businesses have the opportunity of paying Facebook to boost their advertisement posts, but this could be expensive if they a large number of people have liked their Facebook page, and unless the posts are targeted to specific people who have liked their page, the post will be of little value to the business in the long run.

I can't miss these!

I can’t miss these!

The question remains, how do we use our Facebook posts efficiently and effectively?

The answer is relatively simple, you have to get the people who have liked your Facebook business page to interact with your page and in the process they will see more of your posts. How? You ask.

Post the information you want the people who have liked your page to see on a daily basis adding links to your website or blog, where they will be able to see more information about the products or services you provide, remember that only one in five posts should be an advertisement about your business, the remain posts should contain information that is relevant to the customer’s interests, and then once a week you pay Facebook to boost one post, this post should be similar to the one on the right hand side of this page, this post will entice people back to your page where the information you want them to see is waiting for them. If they like the posts, this will ensure your posts will show up in their future news feed.

The post that you are paying to be promoted should always be targeted using the targeting offered by Facebook for business pages such as the gender, age, relationship status, interest, location, language or educational status. This will ensure that only the people you want to visit your page will receive the post in their news feed.

Using traditional marketing techniques is also an effective way of ensuring the effective use of Facebook. Put up signs on your premises that show where you can be found on Facebook. Make sure your Facebook logo is on all your printed materials and the packaging associated with your business. If you advertise on radio or television, always add your Facebook address at the end of each add.

Make sure your Facebook address is on all digital communications such as emails and newsletters.

The following sentence is the most relevant thing I have learned about using Facebook for business,

*Facebook will not work for you unless you do.

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