Do you Fire a Colleague to Save the Business

Promotion.Cut off your nose to spite your face is a well-known idiom that applies to every situation both in our personal and professional lives, another term which I believe falls into this category is nepotism, this is where people are employed or promoted based on their relationship to those people already in powerful positions within the business.

Do we fire the person who does their job exceptionally well, but we feel threatened by them, or fire the person who is just acceptable in their position, but we like their personality?

It is my experience that the person who is just acceptable in their position will be kept on, and the person who is exceptional will be fired, and that is one of the biggest reasons companies end up going out of business.

The company culture created by always hiring and firing based on personality rather than excellence is equivalent to inbreeding, if there are no new idea’s being introduced into the business, the company will cease to be effective. This kind of culture is great as long as the company operates within a monopoly, but if they operate in a turbulent industry, the writing is on the wall for all to see.

A company that has this type of culture is also likely to have low morale, motivational and productivity issues; when the employee’s within the company notice that excellence is not rewarded, they are not going to motivated to reach those goals, instead they will spend more time talking to managers in order to get on their good side rather than on the tasks which they are assigned to complete, this wastes the manager’s time and also brings down productivity.

This following story is an example of this kind of scenario,

An employee within a company had a reputation for being lazy, this reputation had been earned the easy way because, if there was a job to be done, this person would not be found anywhere near it. One day a trailer had to be loaded with bags of scrap, this employee had been assigned the task along with three others, what the others noticed was the employee with the lazy reputation was kicking the bags of scrap before picking it up, if the bag moved, he picked it up and if the bag did not move, the bag was left behind for somebody else to carry. The lazy employee did however get on well with one of the senior managers and in time he was promoted to a supervisor’s position.

The question in the title should never have to be asked because the situation should never be allowed to exist in the first place.

*The goal of every company Director should be to have employees who are motivated to achieve excellence in a good atmosphere because this is what makes companies successful.

*This can be achieved by rewarding people for what they accomplish and not rewarding people for how well they can get on with their managers.


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