The Receptionist Holds the Key to Every Successful Business

They do.

They do.

Ah nooooooooooo, I have to call that company again, are words you don’t want anybody thinking who has on-going contact with your business regardless of whether they are your customers, suppliers or your own sales representatives out on the road, but it happens more often than you think because some owners, directors and managers do not seem to understand the value of having somebody with a professional approach as their first point of contact.

Let’s look at some examples,

The customer is calling the company on a regular basis looking for information relating to the order they have placed, but all they receive is an unhelpful, belligerent voice on the other end of the line. Unless the company is selling a product that can’t be bought elsewhere, that customer is going to take their business to a competitor who understands the value they bring to their business.

Your supplier see’s you as a vital part of their route to market, but every time they phone, they are met with the same reception as the customer, you will get away with that kind of behaviour because if they are good sales people, their will not allow their personal dislike for your receptionist to cloud their view of the value your bring to their business, but when discounts are available, you may not receive that phone call.

Your sales representatives on the road are the life-blood of many businesses, they call to your customers and create the good will that is essential for the survival of your business. You’re thinking how can a belligerent receptionist impact on the sales people? The answer is, they are the people who are calling the office more often than anybody else, and every time they call, they are met with an unhelpful voice. Over time has a very negative effect on the moral of the sales representative, they believe that they are not being appreciated for the job they do for the company, and when moral drops so do sales.

When you have a somebody with a professional approach as your first point of contact, you may overlook their importance until the day they leave, and you hire the receptionist that always has a smile for you, but has a scowl for your customers. This can make them difficult to identify but remember,

*The  receptionist holds the key to every successful business* 

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