Your actions will always be remembered

Action not word will be remembered.

Action not word will be remembered.

Try to remember what your parents thought you through words and all you will remember is, “how many times have I told you to do that,” and that is because we are initially programmed to watch rather than listen, this happens through the first couple of years when we do not understand what our parents are saying to us, especially if all you heard was, “who’s a good girl or boy, oh yes you are.” In order to interact with the world around us we learned to watch what our parents did and then mimic their actions. As we grew up, we learned to take more notice of what was being said, that was until we hit our teenage years when we listened to nobody except whoever fell into the popular culture of the time,  but the first lesson of observing behaviour stays with us throughout our whole life. A good example of this is when you have a gut feeling about something or somebody, and you just can’t put your finger on the cause, that’s your subconscious mind noticing the conflict between what is said and the actions it observed.

The same lessons apply to our careers, I’m sure you have met people during you working life that you just couldn’t warm to, this again is caused by the internal conflict of actions not mirroring the spoken word. If you interact with them often enough their true character will begin to emerge and then no amount of sweet talk will make you like them.

Actions will never need words to prove anything, remember, “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” ~Confucius. He didn’t have to explain what he did or what he was going to do because the evidence of his work was evident for all to see.

*Of course words are important too, but only when they are in tune with your actions.

Till next time, have a great day.




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