Remaining Positive in a Negative Situation Requires Courage

Be positive today.

Be positive today.

Lucky is the person who spends their whole life without experiencing negative thoughts, I would imagine it is quite a rare phenomenon, it will only exist where a child is brought up in a loving home where they are thought the real value of life, they are thought that anything that can be held in the hand will not make them happy because happiness is felt by the heart. They will be thought how to enjoy walking through fields on a sunny afternoon with a light breeze brushing against their skin, and how to observe the wonderful creatures that surrounds them.

This of course is not the norm, the normal process of life is to compete with your fellow-man for every chance to get a higher wage, to purchase a bigger house, to buy a bigger car that will get you to the same destination as your old car, but you will feel more important because it has a nice new badge on it. “The important things in life, or so I’ve been told.” 

The above scenario creates as many positive situations as negative ones, the positive ones are easy to handle, but the negative ones require courage, the courage to look inside yourself and admit that your needs are few, while your wants are many. In this life we need food on the table, a roof over our head and clothes on our backs, and love in our hearts, everything else is really of little value.

If you could talk to a loved one that has passed away, do you think they would say, “I wish I had lived in a bigger house,” I very much doubt it, they would probable say, “I wish I had spent more time with the people I loved.”

*Remaining positive requires you to have enough courage to be happy with what you have, and not always thinking about what do not have.

Till later, I hope you have a great day.


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