Another New Year has begun, are you ready

The New Year is upon us once more, and people are busy putting together their resolutions for the year ahead, quite a few will be donating money to the local GYM for that membership key that may or may not be used again this year, more will declaring that they will not let one sweet pass their lips or that they are giving up the dreaded weed, also known as cigarettes; for all your endeavors I wish you all the luck in the world.

For myself, if I feel like I’m putting on a few pounds, I will sit up a little straighter in the chair, and practice holding in my stomach to make it look smaller, I gave up smoking cigarettes about ten years ago and touch wood they still have no place in my life. My New Year will revolve around sharing information I consider interesting, if what I share brings a smile to somebody or makes somebody else think a little, that is all I want. Below are a some of the posts I have shared recently,

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Wise words

Wise words

I bow to Yoda's wisdom.

I bow to Yoda’s wisdom.

How to win friends and influence people.

How to win friends and influence people.

Don't make assumptions

Don’t make assumptions



I hope you enjoyed looking at the images as much as I did when I put them together.

Till later, have a great day.

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If you refuse to accept every opportunity you're given, you can't blame anybody for the life you're living.
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