Every Laugh you have Moves you in the Right Direction

Worrying works.

Worrying works.

Life’s far too short to spend all your time worrying about what may or may not happen, as you will see from the image on the right worrying is effective in combatting fear for the future, but it will do little to make you enjoy life.

But I digress, one of my favourite authors is Mark Twain, while nobody alive today can give testament to any dark times he may have had, the stories and quotes that have survived the man himself lead us to believe he was a man full of wit and charm. Below are a few of my favourites.

Mark seemed to have a strong interest in foolish people, both in trying not to be one.


And avoiding them if possible.


Keep your distance

Keep your distance

Mark Twain was definitely the kind of man who believed in working for what you received, as you can tell from the following quote. I wonder what his thoughts would be if he was alive today?


Ladies and Gentlemen will never insult anybody by accident.

A gentleman

I hope you enjoyed these few quotes as much as I did, have a great day.


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