How Not to use Hashtags on Facebook.

Clickable hashtags have arrived on Facebook, and as you are aware businesses are jumping on the bandwagon by adding hashtags to their posts, this is good, because it makes it easier for users on Facebook to find information about their favourite celebrities, public events or topical news stories, to mention but a few things that people are interested in.

The question we have to ask is, are businesses taking using hashtags one step too far? By adding as many hashtags as possible to each post, using words to get attention rather than words directly associated with their products and services. Below are a couple of examples of hashtag overuse;

Hashtag 1

hashtag 3

hashtag 2

From a business’s point of view, they want to be found by any potential customer clicking on hashtags or using the search engine on Facebook to locate their specific area of interest. But from a reader’s point of view; when they see a post that contains nothing but hashtags, they may not be interested in reading too many similar posts.

Businesses need to find a balance, social media platforms is not a location to use all the S.E.O techniques they use on their websites or blog pages, they need to use the hashtags that are most relevant to them, such as the #Category they operate in, their #Brand, and the slogan that is most associated with their Brand such as #BecauseYourWorthIt or #YouCanDoSocial.

*Using hashtags to be found on Facebook is a great idea but, use them wisely, you do not want to be found for the wrong reasons.

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One Response to How Not to use Hashtags on Facebook.

  1. praveng says:

    Interesting point! I think we might be seeing hashtag abuse on Facebook because the character limit is no where near Twitter’s 140 characters.


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