Purchasing Social Media Followers will Ruin your Reputation when it is obvious you did


Requirements for relationships.

 Business Relationships is built not bought.

It is better to speak with one genuine person who needs your product or service, rather than 100,000 people who are prepared to listen, and that is my position when it comes to purchasing social media likes and followers for your business.

You can purchase up to 100,000 likes or followers but at what cost to your wallet and reputation when it becomes obvious that is exactly what you did. There is a strong relationship between the content you post and the number of followers you acquire. I believe in balance so I did try to determine what the possible advantages could be. I have listed these below, followed by the disadvantages.

Advantages of purchasing social media followers.

  • It is an easy  way of increasing the number of people following you on social media platforms.
  • On first impressions, you would appear to be very popular.
  • More people may follow your profile due to your apparent popularity.

Disadvantages of purchasing social media followers.

Don't Pay for Followers.

  1. The followers you have bought might have no interest in you or your business.
  2. The followers could be profiles set up by a computer better known as bots.
  3. The followers you paid for will not be interacting with your profile, so that will make your engagement statistics look bad from a search engine optimization viewpoint.
  4. The content you create will be analysed to determine why you are so popular.For example, I visited a Facebook business page recently and the number of people talking about the page was impressive in comparison to the number of people who had liked the page. I decided to have a look a bit deeper at the content being posted and it didn’t seem good enough to warrant the attention it was getting, I clicked into the shares icon to see who was sharing the information and found that the same people were sharing every single post.
  5.  Facebook and Twitter are constantly working on eliminating fake accounts.
  6.  Your reputation will suffer if you are identified as a cheat.
  7.  The genuine followers you have will unfollow or unlike you.
  8.  Every time you look at your personal profile, you will be reminded of your character.
  9. Nobody will trust your business.
  10. New clients will be difficult to find.

As you can see, it was a lot easier to identify reasons for not purchasing social media followers, as opposed to reasons for purchasing social media followers.

Unless you are a member of One Direction, where if they sneezed online, they would get thousands of likes, the content and the number of posts you share will determine the number of people who follow you online; if the ratio and the quality of the content do not match the number of followers, everybody will know the truth about you.

*Growth occurs because of the quality or your work, and not because of the quantity of you followers.

Communication*The goal of your social media marketing should be to create a positive awareness for your business’s brand which funnels customers and prospects into the areas of you business where selling can take place.”

Social media marketing is based on word of mouth communication, this means that social media marketing builds on the relationships you have already developed with your clients and customers.


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