Professionals use Facebook Business pages for Business, Do You?

See nothingOne of the most commonly asked questions in business is what returns am I getting on my investment? The time it takes to prepare and send out posts on Facebook is an investment of your time. And yet there are thousands of business owners who use their personal Facebook pages to promote their businesses with little chance of any meaningful return.

We will now look at what happens when a business owner uses a personal Facebook page for business purposes.

  1. The business owner sends out posts and the only way they know if anybody has read or even seen the post is if they press the like button on the post in question. The business owner may have thousands of friends on Facebook but, if the like button is only pressed by 15 to 20 people, as far as they know, they are the only people who have seen the post.
  2. You have spent an hour preparing and sending a post on Facebook and the only people who have liked the post are not even your customers, they are your personal friends.
  3. You have posted on Facebook, and nobody has responded, was it seen at all?
  4. The investment of your time has not paid off this time, I suppose you can always try again, but as Albert Einstein put it, the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.
  5. Promoting your business on your own personal Facebook page is not going to give you the accurate feedback a business needs in order to make the correct decisions for future promotional work.
  6. You can easily add up to five thousand friends on a personal Facebook page, but you will have no way of knowing, if or when they are seeing any of the messages you send.


  • Facebook 3There is no advantage in using a personal Facebook page for your business unless your friends are also your customers.

The greatest advantage of using a Facebook business page is the insights page; this page shows you the metrics on all your posts and more, which means,

  • When you have the necessary information, your decisions will be easier to make.

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