The Images You Associate with Your Brand are Important.

People go on social media sites to be entertained, it is a social setting after all, and that’s what people expect to find. They look for like-minded individuals who will share stories relating to topics they find interesting. A good example of this is Manchester united supporters, there are approximately 650 million fans worldwide who wait on any little piece of information the club shares.

Big Business is slowly realising that “You cannot sell on Social Media.” and are now starting to use social media platforms to build brand awareness.

How do they do this? You ask, well A picture is worth a thousand words. ~ Arthur Brisbane, so the following pictures will communicate what business’s are doing more efficiently than words ever could.

Customers perceived value of a  brand is determined by adding up all the information that is shared by the brand; the total is often referred to as brand value.

Let’s look at the pictures below and see if the right message is being projected in order to achieve a positive brand.

A sense of humour is important.

A sense of humour is important.

I believe that all brands should share their sense of humour.



When you promote positive messages, the positiveness will be associated with your brand.



Your word is your bond, and a respectful one is always appreciated.



Motivation is a great attribute to be associated with any brand.


Success & Maturity

Sharing successful quotes and stories will always be seen to be positive.



Good manners are the most important attribute you can associate with your brand as I do not know anybody who appreciates bad manners.


*Brand loyalty is helped by associating the right messages with your brand because We learn by association, so always associate great messages with your business.


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One Response to The Images You Associate with Your Brand are Important.

  1. socialbridge says:

    Love this post, Brendan, especially yer woman in purple!


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