The Reasons for Using a Social Media Manager are Clear to Everybody

Social Media

Social Media

“What you get for nothing is exactly what you will think of it, nothing.” ~Alison Shark. And that is the biggest problem facing social media marketers today.

The social media platforms are free; a lot of small to medium enterprise owners have the necessary time to be social on these sites, and these business owners have acquired enough knowledge to be able to post a photograph or share somebody else’s post on Facebook, or write a tweet on Twitter.



But as stated in the opening line, what is free is often taken for granted. How many Facebook business pages have you visited where their timeline is like that of someone who visits from another planet every now and again to say hello, or a Twitter profile that is like a deserted western town with the tumble weeds blowing down the main street as it has been so long since they tweeted anything.

This behaviour reflects on the business, and not in a good way; the business owner would be better off closing down the social media sites altogether rather than let them sit idle for everybody else to see.

For business owners who wish to continue using social media platforms to interact with their clients and customers, they need to find answers to the following questions; does our social media activity reflect our brand values, are we targeting the right people, and do we know enough about the social media platforms to use them efficiently and effectively?

Answering these questions is where a social media marketer’s true value is to be found, they spend vast amounts of time analysing social media sites, identifying what works for different brands; and they understand how to make the most efficient and effective use of each social media platform, which allows them to targeting the right customer with the right message.

It pays to have quality on your side.

It pays to have quality on your side.

Every business owner has the capacity to be social on social media platforms; so the question remains, why pay somebody to do something that is free? And the answer is;

*Social media is about socialising while social media marketing is about making money through socialisation.


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