How to Segment your audience on Facebook

Facebook Features

“It is better to speak with one customer who needs your product or service, than 1000 people who are prepared to listen to you.”

The above sentence should be the mantra for all business people who are using Facebook business pages to send messages to their customers. Facebook provide a feature that is designed to help you target the people your business needs.

Manage permissionThe Facebook feature I’m talking about is the post privacy gating option. This feature can be made available by ticking the box at the bottom of manage permission page in the edit section of your Facebook business page.

Post privacy gating option.

Post privacy gating option.

This feature allows you to target who is going to see your posts under the following demographic headings.

  1. Gender
  2. Relationship status
  3. Educational status
  4. Interests
  5. Age
  6. Location
  7. Language

Below are three examples of how the post privacy gating feature could be used:

  • When you are posting content, that is specifically targeting women who are over 40 years of age, who are married, who have a degree, who are interested in horse riding, who live in the Washington DC area and who also speak Spanish; this is the feature to use.
  • Another example could be; where your content is targeting men who are over forty years of age and not in a relationship.
  • You are going to send a message to the American people who have liked your Facebook business page wishing them a happy Independence Day. In this situation you would use the location demographic to ensure the message is sent to the appropriate people.
Not suitable for everybody.


There are other examples but I’m a gentleman at heart and couldn’t possible repeat them on this page.

As you input the demographics into the post privacy gating feature, you will get a count of how many people, who have liked your Facebook page, will fit into those criteria.

The insights page will show you how successful the post was in reaching your intended demographic audience. Depending on results you may decide to promote the post.

There is some anecdotal evidence to suggest that by using the post privacy gating feature; this will help you with your Facebook Edgerank, this has yet to be proven, but it is worth keeping this in mind, when you are looking over your results.

Using the post privacy feature will mean you are going to accomplish the following:

*Sending the right message, to the right people; and that is good for your business.



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