I Do Not Require a Facebook Business Page. Do I

Facebook! Never!

Facebook! Never!

The following couple of lines are the most popular excuses given by SME business owners, when somebody suggested, they should set up a Facebook business page.

  • Excuses for not setting up a Facebook business page.

*A Facebook business page, I think not, no, it’s not for me, I do not know how to set it up, and in the economy we are currently operating in, I cannot afford to pay somebody to set it up for me.

*No, no it’s not for me at all, not to mention, it takes time to get people to like a Facebook business page, whereas I can have 20 new Facebook friends with a few clicks of my mouse.

*I can post the same information to thousands of my friends from my personal Facebook profile as I could from a Facebook business page, to a smaller audience, why should I do that?

  • All of the above seem to be valid reasons for not setting up a Facebook business page, except for one huge stumbling block, which is; it is against Facebook’s terms and conditions to use a personal profile as a business page.
Not jail this time.

Not jail this time.

What does this mean for anybody who currently uses their personal Facebook page as their business page? The Facebook terms and conditions are quite clear where this is concerned; anybody caught using their personal Facebook page for business purposes, will have their Facebook page deleted.

“I will be able to open another Facebook page and reconnect with my friends” you say, and yes, you are correct, as long as you get written permission to do so, from Facebook.

All of the above are reasons not to set up a Facebook business page, now let us look at the reasons to set up a Facebook business page.

Reasons for setting up a Facebook business page.

1)   The most important reason for having a Facebook business page is Facebook insights. The Facebook insights data is available to all business pages which have been liked by more than 30 people.

Overview of Facebook Insights

Overview of Facebook Insights

  • How many people your posts have reached?
  • How many people are engaging with, and talking about your posts? The insights also show you the number of people who click on your post, but decide not to leave a like or a comment, some experts think that this number could be as high as 50 percent.
Demographics of Facebook likes.

Demographics of Facebook likes.

  • The insights show you the demographics information relating the people who have liked your page. This information shows the business owner if the right people is being targeted.

When you have access to this valuable insights information, you can clearly see; what works? And what you need to change?

2)   A Facebook business page helps to give your brand that professional image.

3)   The Facebook tabs give your visitors access to your other social media activities such as Twitter or Pinterest.

4)   A Facebook business page allows you access to Facebook advertising. An ideal way of targeting the audience with the messages you want them to see.

5)   A Facebook business page gives the business owner, the ability to delegate page administration duties to other members of staff, without giving them access to their personal information.

6)   A Facebook business page’s about section is designed to give potential clients, a clear understanding of the business, what the business stands for, what the business provides, where the business is located, and how the business can be contacted?

7)   There is no limit to the number of people who can like a Facebook business page; a personal Facebook page, on the other hand, has a 5000 friend limit; if a business owner has serious aspirations for the future of their business on Facebook, this is a limiting factor they have to take into account.

Facebook! Forever!

Facebook! Forever!

  • The number of reasons to set up a Facebook business page exceeds the number of reasons not to, even if using a personal Facebook page for business was allowed.
  • Facebook will work for your business, but only if you work with Facebook.

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One Response to I Do Not Require a Facebook Business Page. Do I

  1. Agree with everything. Am on a business development course at the moment and the number of people on it who don’t want to use Facebook AT ALL (and the internet in general) for their business promotion is amazing 🙂


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