How to use the Hashtag symbol to communicate

TwitterAccording to the latest Ipsos MRBI poll there are an estimated 385,000 Irish tweeters using Twitter to communicate, and there are up to 500 million Twitter subscribers worldwide. This number of tweeters creates a lot of tweets and in the process a lot of noise. This makes finding the right conversation and information on Twitter very difficult to find.

This is where the hashtag symbol (#) plays an important role in isolating the communities, people and conversations you want to follow. To use the hashtag symbol, you simply type the hashtag symbol (#) into the search area at the top of your Twitter home page, along with the word or words you want to locate on Twitter and press the enter key.

The following is a good example of how the hashtag is used to make somebody’s tweets easy to find.

Name: Kim Garst Twitter address: @kimgarst: Hashtag #youcandosocial

Kim is on the Forbes Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers  list of 2012, and the hashtag (#youcandosocial) is predominately associated with Kim’s tweets, this makes it easy for people who are interested in what Kim has to say, to locate Kim’s tweets.

The next example is how like-minded communities can use the hashtag to communicate more efficiently on Twitter.

The S.M.E community is a network of Irish S.M.E’s that support, advise & connect through social media. When a member of the community finds information that they believe is relevant to the community, they add the #SMEcommunity hashtag to their tweets and this allows the rest of the members to access the information too.

The next example is how specific conversations can use the hashtag symbol (#) to communicate, you see this every day on Twitter via the trending topics. On the left hand side of your Twitter home page, you will see the top 10 trending topics that are being discussed on Twitter at that moment. The top 5 trending topics at the moment are,



By clicking on the links, you will see what is being said about each topic, or if you want to join in the conversations, you simply add the appropriate link to your tweet.

The hashtag symbol (#) is a great way of interacting with your interests.

Please share this post with those who haven’t heard about hashtags.


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